• Peach skin effect – finishing effect that improves the quality of the fabric, making it pleasing to touch, pleasing to the eye and enhancing thermal insulation
  • Wide variety of results more or less aggressive in accordance to the final “touch” that is required


  • Top quality and long working life of the filaments
  • High mechanical performances and vibration free
  • Elevate degree of customization
  • Quadruple TSI guarantee

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Available Formats

Totally customizable in:

  • Filament grit
  • Filament stiffness 
  • Filament material:
    – ceramic
    – silicon carbide
    – aluminum oxide
  • Geometry and density of the filaments’ layout
  • Working width format and diameter dimension, even greater than 3600mm x 400mm
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We design and produce abrasive carbon rollers with a unique solid body, perfectly balanced and cladded with special abrasive filaments.


Their job is the finishing of textile fabric, the traditional mechanical process to achieve the “peach effect.


Thanks to their unique solid body, the balance of TSI’s brushes is maintained for all lifetime without setting or loosening issues.


Our brushes top rank quality enables total homogeneity of the fabric and a vast number of effects just by adjusting parameters of the machines.

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