Cylinder technology

  • Single frame cylinder

    We produce the shafts as a single, non modular, piece

  • Customized products

    The lengths and the diameters are completely customizable according to the customer’s construction needs

  • Many materials avaible

    We produce many technical solutions:

    motorized and idle according to the needs.

    The core of the cylinder is available in three materials, each type is customizable

Filament technology

  • Homogeneous contact

    Thanks to the regular geometry of the brush, the uniform and effective spreading capacity is guaranteed on the whole length

  • Delicate contact

    Thanks to the skilful use of the filaments we can guarantee a customized spreading effect, always maintaining a delicate contact

  • Dissipation of electrostatic charge

    Static electricity can be generated during the converting process. We are able to handle this undesired effect by means of both filaments’ properties and specific technical making solutions

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