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Montale and its “king” of industrial brushes


The factory has an overseas sales branch in Shanghai, worldwide customers and collaborates with university in Italy.


Located in Montale, Vasco Topazzi Road, Toscana Spazzole Industriali (short TSI), mother of industrial brushes industry is owned by Mr. Renzo Biagini. TSI dominates undisputed the national market, it has developed deep roots in the chinese market with its front line commercial office in Shanghai and with customers at the four corner of the world.

Renzo Biagini is 71, born and raised in Montale, he had worked the lathe for 11 years when 36 years ago he foresaw the opportunity and potentials of creating its own business, which now 36 years later is a jewell.


Industrial brushes have multiple applications, from textile machineries to nonwoven machineries, from paper tissue to leather production, form water filtration to water cleaning. “Don’t worry and choose your brush, for if you are here, in TSI, you will find the best solution for needs. We are like a pizza restaurant, we will do the pizza just as you like it”.

Extreme flexibility and forward pushing R&D are the key words in TSI, although, the heart and soul of the company is the curiosity and the genius which comes with it of Mr. Renzo Biagini. After 36 years of nonstop activity, you can still spot this amazing light in his eyes when he explains the advantages of his brushes: multiple length cylinders, cladded with worldwide top rank filaments made of different material, from nylon to silicon carbide to natural fibers.

Mr. Biagini introduces to us a group of Pisa university students employed as apprentices and guided by their professor Mr. Fantoni Gualtiero who explains “This is a future driven company, fast and open minded, unbounded from simplicity and fear, therefore Pisa university is extremely happy to collaborate with TSI”
Tech R&D was, is and will be the gasoline for Mr. Renzo Biagini unstoppable entrepreneurial engine.

“Many machines were designed by Ing. Ariani Alvaro” explains Mr. Biagini. I suggest an idea, I picture it for him and he makes it real, and functioning.”


Renzo runs the company with the precious collaboration of the second generation Silvia, Lorenzo and Francesca. “It is a Montale’s excellence” ensures Mr. Enzo Gazzarri coordinator at Confartagianato in Montale “which makes the community proud and brings works for many of its member in return”

The brand new factory in Montale, where the company moved in January 2019, is quake-proof and self sufficient thanks to its photovoltaic system.
The second floor sees a “top secret” lab where new ideas and project are developed and management offices. Nonetheless, Mr. Renzo Biagini is proud to show us the workers department because as he says “They must work in a safe and comfortable environment”


Excerpt and translated from “A Montale il “re” delle spazzole industriali” – Bini G. – La Nazione 10/09/2019

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